Thursday    Feb. 1st

Fried mac & cheese & bacon sliders served with Cole slaw



Friday   Feb. 2nd

Meat loaf W/ mashed potatoes, gravy & peas $7.99


Monday    Feb. 5th

Sandwich of the day
 Chicken Caesar wrap


Tuesday   Feb. 6th

Meat loaf Stacker on a made on premise Ciabatta roll served With skinny fries $7.99


Wednesday   Feb. 7th

Jalapeno popper stuffed burger served with skinny fries $8.59



Thursday   Feb. 8th

Tex-mex taco Sliders served with French fries


Friday   Feb. 9th

Stuffed chicken breast served with mashed
potatoes, gravy & corn $7.99



Monday    Feb. 12th

sandwich of the day
Steak fajita wrap


Tuesday    Feb. 13th

BBQ roast beef & cheese sliders served with French fries


Wednesday   Feb. 14th

Cheese and bacon stuffed burger served with French fries


Thursday  Feb. 15th

Meat loaf sliders served with  mac and cheese  $7.99


Friday    Feb. 16th

Shrimp stir fry served with garlic bread


Monday    Feb. 19th

Sandwich of the day

 Grilled Tuna salad wrap


Tuesday    Feb. 20th

Meat lovers Stromboli


Wednesday    Feb. 21st

BBQ Canadian cheese burger served with fried onion rings


Thursday  Feb. 22nd

Ham, egg and cheese sliders served with fried potatoes $7.99


Friday    Feb. 23rd

Chicken Florentine served with small salad & garlic bread


Monday  Feb. 26th

Sandwich of the day
 Grilled buffalo chicken wrap


Tuesday    Feb. 27

Original Stromboli  $7,99


Wednesday    Feb. 28th

Cheeseburger melt served with seasoned waffle fries $8.59


Thursday   March 1st

Pulled pork & mac and cheese sliders servved with cole slaw $7.99


Friday    March 2nd

General Tso chicken sand. served with fried rice