Thursday    June 1st

Veal parmesan panini served with Italian tomato Salad


Friday  June 2nd

Chicken Caesar wrap With French fries


monday June 5th

sandwich of the day

Buffalo chicken sliders


Tuesday  June 6th

French dip wrap served with French fries  $7.99


Wednesday  June 7th

Mac and cheese burger served with French fries  $8.99


Thursday June 8th

Fresh fried mozzarella pizza panini served with fried Onion rings $7.99


Friday      March 10th

Ham, cheese, mayo & fried
onion panini W/ Cole slaw $8.29


Monday    June 12th

Sandwich of the day
chopped steak sliders


Tuesday    June 13th  

Steak fajita served with spanish rice   $7.99


Wednesday  June 14th

Open face chili cheeseburger served with French fries  $8.99


Thursday June 15th

Buffalo chicken ranch panini served with French fries  $7.99


Friday   June 16th

Candied chicken wrap served with Curly Fries  $7.99


Monday  June 19th

sandwich of the day

Veal Parmesan sliders


June 20th

chicken bacon ranch quesadilla served with seasoned waffle fries  $7.99

Wednesday   March 22nd

BBQ bacon cheeseburger W/ F.F.


Thursday   June 22nd

BBQ beef, onion and cheese panini served with Fried onion rings


Friday    June 23rd

Grilled pizza wrap served with pasta salad  $7.99

Monday   June  26th

sandwich of the day

BBQ pit turkey sliders


Tuesday   June  27th

Chopped steak quesadilla served with fried onion rings  $7.99


Wednesday June 28th

Italian cheeseburger served with seasoned waffle fries $8.99


Thursday  June 29th

Blackened chicken panini served with Cole slaw $7.99


Friday  June 30st

Buffalo shrimp wrap served with cole slaw  $7.99