Corner Stables Restaurant

Featured Dinners



We make our own meat loaf served with mashed potatoes, gravy,  tossed salad, sweet corn bead and honey  butter $8.99

Delmonico Steak
Freshly Cut 12oz.  Delmonico steak (charbroiled) served with mashed potatoes, gravy, tossed salad, sweet corn bread &  honey butter. (a Delmonico steak is a fatty steak which makes it very tender).

Diamond Del
If you like our Stable diamond strip, you'll love the Delmonico marinated in the same sauce. Freshly cut 12 oz. (charbroiled) steak served with a baked potato, tossed salad, sweet corn bread & honey butter "This is my favorite meal at "THE STABLES"!!!" -Sandy
1/3 rack of our award winning baby back ribs (your choice of BBQ sauce-honey $1.00 extra ), served with crab, cheese and bacon quesadilla, two potato wedges topped with a creamy crab mixture and melted cheeses, crab and cheese stuffed won ton, three wimpies, French fries, cole slaw, sweet corn bread and honey butter





4 oz. black diamond New York strip steak, 2 crab stuffed mushroom caps, 2 crab stuffed shrimp served with roasted asparagus  or tossed salad and garlic bread




Macaroni, bacon and cheese topped with our southern pulled pork and more mac and cheese (becau se you can never have enough mac and cheese) served with warm applesauce, sweet corn bread and honey butter